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Sodality Bake sale is Palm Sunday Weekend.  If you can provide a donation of a cake, cookies, dessert, pie please call 328-3431.  Your donation is greatly appreciated.

The Sunday Breakfast Mission is in need of undergarments (underwear) for their residents. We have joined with them in Operation Care-Ware ( The goal: Collect 10,000 men's, women's and children's undergarments by Easter. “It a matter of dignity,” explains Mark Doherty of the Sunday Breakfast Mission. “Our goal here is to make sure they feel loved.” Let's see what we can do to help this mission!!! Bins will be available at the exits of church to place your donation in. Thank you.

Our next Stations of the Cross are:  Spanish, March 29 @ 6:30PM in the Chapel & English, March 31 at 7PM in the Church.  Please join us!

“Prayer for the good of your soul.” We encourage you to come to daily Mass as often as possible during Lent. Mass will be celebrated Monday through Friday at 6:30AM and 8:30AM in the Chapel. On Friday’s, the Station of the Cross will be at 7:00PM in the Church. Take each Friday as an opportunity to experience special meaning during Lent by attending the “Way of the Cross” (Stations). Let this important devotion help you to: grow closer to others; strengthen your faith community; grow in faith and love and enhance your celebration of Lent.

Fasting for the good of your body.” The church calls us to do penance - to have a change of heart - and as a sign of that change, to die to ourselves by fasting and abstinence. Fasting means only one full meal for those 18 to 59 years of age. Abstinence means no meat for those 14 years and older (good Friday is a day of strict fast and abstinence.) Every Friday of Lent is a day of abstinence. While these are minimum practices of penance specified by our Church, we are urged to do something that is truly penance for us, to say “no” to legitimate desires in order to strengthen our sense of discipline and resistance to temptation.

Almsgiving for the good of your neighbor.” The Lord and His church also call us to turn away from centering our lives on ourselves and our pleasure, to turn to the Lord and serve Him, especially in our needy brothers and sisters. Operation Rice Bowl is an excellent opportunity to encourage and participate in this meaningful Lenten observance. Give your sacrificial gifts to Operation Rice Bowl to help our sisters and brothers in need around the world through Catholic Relief Services’ development projects.

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