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Spanish Confessions will be heard on Saturday, June 13th at 6PM followed by the spanish mass.

Annual Fair- July 6, 2015 through July 11, 2015
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Confirmation for 2015 will be held on November 7, 2015 at 11:00AM

May, the month of Mary

Why do we call Mary Queen?

Mary's Queenship is one of love and service, not pomp and power, as is said about her son (Jn 18:36; Mt 20:20). It is thus pointed out that the roots of Mary's Queenship are to be found in the Paschal Mystery of Christ, which is a mystery of self-giving, death, and resurrection-ascension, the reaching of glory through humility (abasement-exaltation). Along these lines of theological reflection we see four reasons why Mary deserves to be Queen:
She is Queen because she is the Mother of the Lord
She is Queen because she is wholeheartedly associated with her Son’s salvific work
She is Queen because she is the perfect disciple of Christ
She is the most excellent member of the Church, because of her mission and holiness.
All of these reasons show that Mary's Queenship can only be understood as a gift of her son to participate in his excellence of love. They also show that it is within the kingly status of the People of God that Mary-Queen fulfills her true vocation.


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To Sustain Hope for the Future of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, we need a living faith in Jesus Christ and an ongoing love for one another. With our commitment to Christ and to one another, we can build a wonderful future together. We need your financial support for our capital campaign with the Diocese of Wilmington and our parish. Together, we can provide for the retirement funds of our diocesan and parish employees and our priests, as well as address our own needs here at Our Lady of Fatima. Please consider prayerfully making a sacrificial contribution to our three-year campaign to Sustain Hope for the Future.”

Msgr. George Brubaker, Pastor

Sustaining Hope for the Future Campaign (PDF)