Confirmation Formation at Our Lady of Fatima Parish takes place during a candidate’s 8th grade year of religious education if Diocesan Guidelines for the reception of sacraments have been met. The sacrament of Confirmation is presently celebrated in the fall of the candidate’s 9th grade year of religious education. The requirements for Confirmation are as follows:

Our parish follows the diocesan guidelines for the reception of sacraments.  This means that all children under the age of 18 may not enroll in a sacrament program unless they have been enrolled in, and successfully attended and completed at least one full year of formal religious education classes immediately prior to the year they are eligible to be invited to enroll in the parish Confirmation preparation program.

Our Confirmation program consists of a combination of classroom and independent work in the Confirmation text book, reflective journalism, and participation in the Confirmation sessions that are held on Saturday mornings February through May. Candidates are also invited to join the group from our parish that participates in the yearly Diocesan Youth Pilgrimage with Bishop Malooly and held each year on the Saturday before Palm Sunday.

Meeting dates and times will be announced at the November Confirmation orientation meeting.

Registrations for the Confirmation Class of 2017 have begun.  Families will receive registration information from the Religious Ed Office. No candidate will be registered for the Confirmation program without first being either enrolled in Catholic school or in the PREP program for the 2016/2017 school year.   If the candidate was not baptized or did not make their First Eucharist at Our Lady of Fatima, then copies of those sacrament certificates must accompany the registration form.

The fee for the Confirmation program helps to cover the cost of books, supplies and retreat expenses. Sacrament fees are in addition to yearly PREP registration and are prorated according to the number of children for sacramental preparation in each family. Those fees are as follows:

Sacramental Formation Fee: $100
If 1 more child in another sacrament formation program: $150
if 2 or more children in another sacrament formation programs: $200

If you have any questions or need your registration form , please contact the Religious Education Office by Email: PREP@OLFNEWCASTLE.COM or 302-328-0307.